Onomichi U2 Inc. (hereinafter referred we/our/us) realizes the importance of the identifiable information provided by you (hereinafter called “personal information”) and strives to protect your privacy. Please read our basic policy in handling personal information on this page. Please note that the personal information provided by a customer may be used to provide marketing information such as our upcoming events and new services by e-mails or postal mails as well as to implement various marketing activities including improvement of our future operation and service. Your personal information will be strictly controlled on the basis of our internal laws and regulations.
  1. 1. The personal information we receive from our customers in our website will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose agreed as described below;
    1. To make reservation and manage the facilities usage.
    2. To provide the requested services including sending requested information and products, and answering inquiries.
    3. To provide information on upcoming events and accommodation plans.
    4. To analyze the information to improve our websites functionalities, services and products. In such cases, the information will be used as aggregated data without any personal information.
    5. To provide membership services for members of an organization
    6. To provide the customers of our facilities with proper services
    7. In addition, in case we decide that it is necessary to contact the customer
  2. 2. We do not provide your personal information to the third party without your prior consent, unless required by law. However, we may provide such information to our outsourcing contractors to the extent necessary for the operation. In such cases, we will implement proper supervision to our contractors to keep your privacy.
  3. 3. We may disclose your personal information to relevant third parties or law enforcement when we decide that your action will cause harms to a third party; when we decide it is necessary and unavoidable in order to protect the critical interests of a third party under immediate danger against human lives, bodies or properties; when requested by the court, the public prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, bar associations, consumer affairs bureau or other equivalent authorities; when it is necessary in order to protect the rights and properties of our services; and when you agree to disclose or share your information. Also, we may disclose customers’ aggregated data to partner companies (including possible partners), advertisers, and other third parties in order to explain our services or for other legitimate purposes. However, such aggregated data does not contain any identifiable personal information.
  4. 4. In the event that we outsource the handling of personal information, we require the company involved to sign a contract stipulating that they will not to leak or transfer any information, and that they will implement proper management.
  5. 5. We reserve the right to deposit personal information provided by customers with our contractor(s) or partner(s), in fulfillment of the utilization purpose described in [1] 2 . In such cases, we require the company involved to sign a contract stipulating that they will not to leak or transfer any information, and that they will implement proper management. If you wish to check or amend your own personal information you may contact us at any time and we will promptly handle your requests, within reasonable limits.
  6. 6. Our service uses cookies to offer greater user convenience. If you wish the disable cookies or enable cookie warnings, please change your browser settings.
  7. 7. We will respect applicable laws and regulations regarding the personal information possessed by us, and we will strive to maintain and improve our protection initiatives and efforts as described in the above clauses.
    * If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us here: