Original craft ice cream

Yard Café


The additive-free ice cream served at Yard Cafe is handmade in the U2 workshop using milk from free-range cows at Jinsekikogen Soma Farm and seasonal ingredients from Onomichi. Starting this week, new flavors have been added, and you can now choose from five different flavors.

◾︎Milk Ice Cream Made using the rich milk from Soma Farm, this ice cream is slightly sweet and has a clean mouthfeel, making it perfect for the summer.

◾︎Lemon Ice Cream Made using eco-lemon from Setoda Omoto Farm that can be eaten with the skin on, the refreshing lemon scent is addictive.

◾︎Strawberry Ice Cream Made using strawberries carefully harvested one by one from Hirata Tourist Farm, this ice cream has a gorgeous flavor that goes perfectly with the milk taste.

◾︎Matcha Ice Cream Made using matcha from Imagawa Tamakoen Tea Shop, a long-established tea shop in Onomichi, this ice cream has an adult taste, but is mixed with milk to give it a mellow finish.

◾︎ \ NEW / Royal Milk Tea Ice Cream Yard Cafe’s popular royal milk tea made with “Hamafu” from Imagawa Tamakoen Tea Shop is now available as an ice cream!

The refreshing aroma of the tea leaves makes for a luxurious sip. Enjoy U2’s original ice cream while gazing at the ocean from the cafe’s terrace seats.