Mustakivi POP UP at ONOMICHI U2




Mustakivi POP UP will be held in SHIMASHOP from July 1st (Mon). ⁡ Mustakivi is a lifestyle brand created by artist and designer Fujio Ishimoto, who is influenced by the nature, scenery, seasons, colors and shapes of Japan and Finland, and by Japanese handicrafts. It is characterized by timeless designs that are functional, beautiful, and have the warmth and gentleness of human hands, allowing you to use them for a long time with love. ⁡ In addition to expanding the PIKKU small plates that are very popular at SHIMASHOP, we also have plates that can be coordinated with Tobe ware cups. In addition to vases and postcards that are not usually available, we will also be selling new hand towels and towels that were just released on June 14th. ⁡ The colorful hand towels have a cool texture and are perfect as summer gifts. ⁡ Please come and experience the charming world of “Japanese and Nordic” in a cool, summery atmosphere. Mustakivi POP UP 7/1 (Mon) ~ 7/15 (Mon, holiday)